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How career and workplace coaching and mentoring support works

I work closely with people life coaching and mentoring them through a wide variety of career and workplaces scenarios and challenging situations. No career or workplace challenge is absolutely unique there is a key to fit every challenge doorway you encounter. I am your locksmith with a career coaching and workplace mentoring bunch of master coaching keys to support you in unlocking your doorway and unravelling your career or workplace quandary’s.


What type of challenges is in front of you?

Here are some classic career coaching and workplace mentoring challenges

  • Creating and making career progression happen
  • Finding career change strategies
  • Managing a new role or job promotion
  • Re-entering the workplace after a career break
  • Managing career transition following redundancy or retirement
  • Handling challenging subordinates, colleagues or management
  • Encouraging high performance and increased efficiency
  • Assessing and developing your real motivation using - Motivational Maps methods
  • Managing work stress and your work / life balance
  • Navigating around office politics
  • Handling uncomfortable networking scenarios

If you have lost your career or workplace keys why not talk to me about cutting some new keys cut and getting you into the open doorway to move yourself forward and into a new room of opportunity.


What is life coaching and or mentoring? – The definitions


Life Coaching is when you enable someone to unlock their own resources in a non-directive manner where the coach does not use any experience they might have on the topic being coached.


Mentoring is using a coaching methodology, positive attitude and intuitive skills to guide someone to achieve what they want for themselves; mentoring will add the coaches’ personal experience, knowledge and skill sets and offer a more directive support to help you be what you want to be.


When coaching & mentoring are combined – they work alongside each other they are complementary to enjoying a successful and rewarding coaching journey.


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"Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up." - Chinese Proverb


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